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Toonz Micro Monsters are a copy of Crazy Bones. However, they have lenticular faces. (motion stickers for faces) There are 40 characters to collect. There are also 2 rare Toonz that have been combined to make one larger Toonz figure. They are made by Dracco (Creator of Dracco Heads ). There is also a series 2 known as Toonz X-Ray.


Alternate Names

  • Blinku - Toonz are availible in the US under the name of Blinku. The characters are the same. However, the figures aren't made as well, with common paint scratches, missing or upside down faces, and some of them have changes.  
  • Makakos Shikai Dynasty! - Toonz are availible in Argentina under the name of Makakos. The figures have different colors and hologram faces than regular Toonz.
  • Micro Monsters


  • Arena
  • Catapult
  • Watch
  • Belt Clip Box
  • Beltbag
  • Ramp
  • Album
  • Toonz Arena - a plastic arena shaped like the moon's surface.
  • Toonz Watch - a watch with Toonz designs on it. It can also launch out a figure.
  • Toonz Ramp - a mini ramp to flick the figures across.
  • Toonz Beltbag - a little bag to carry the figures in.
  • Toonz Album


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