Tim'Foot JoJo's


JoJo's Bouncin' Boneheads


Summer 2002


France, UK



Alternate Names


Tim'Foot is a Series of JoJo's Bouncin Boneheads (by Imperial Toys) for released in France and sparsely in the UK. These JoJo's were released for The 2002 Fifa World Cup. The characters are soccer themed. There are 12 characters in total, 11 of which are football shirt-shaped (numbered on the back 1-11) and one of which is a football.

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Trivia Edit

  • CGI was Very Popular for Soccer Fans in 2002, as the 2002 Fifa Mascots were CGI Animated, even on the TV Show for those Mascots. This could a reason why The Artwork for these Characters are in CGI.
  • This is the 1st of the 2 Unoffical World Cup Series to be released. The 2nd One was Nitsus Cup.
  • 8 Years Later, an Offical World Cup Series was made, called Foot. The Designs are not really similar at all, but they are both released for The Fifa World Cup.

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