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Crazy Bones "Things"


Gogo's Crazy Bones




Worldwide, Canada (Series 3)


Common, Infrequent (Series 3)

Alternate Names

Series II, Serie(s) 3, Crazy Bones 2


Gogo's (1996), Canadian Series 3

Released in 1996.  Things was the second Crazy Bones series. It is made up of 60 of the household objects from the Canadian series 2 and series 3. It included characters such as Crazy Bug (Car), Giga Bone (Computer), and Swirly (Toilet). It includes characters 61 to 120.

Checklist Edit

Canadian Series 3


  • Each pack includes 4 Crazy Bones, 4 stickers, and 1 Game card with a caption under a picture of the Crazy Bone, usually discribing it. (For example, Happy Book = Webster, Goga Cola = Slurp).
  • The cards in each pack can be used to play the Match the Cards game.
  • When the 'Aliens' Crazy Bones were first released, there was a chance of finding one of them in your pack of Things.
  • In Canada Third Series was released. They included all the Things characters plus some new exclusive ones!
  • In the UK, free samples were given away with comic books such as 'The Beano' & 'The Dandy'.
  • A limited run of packs with Things Glowies were released, they are very rare.
  • In Portugal a series was released very similar to this one.
  • The Coca-Cola Things (Geloucos & Hielocos) figures were not made as solid colors, only Jellies , Glowies , Sparkles and Ice .

Canadian Series 2 & 3 Edit

In Canada many of the characters from this series were part of a Series 2 which combined some of the Gogo's (1996) characters with the Things characters. There was also a Series 3 which combined Things characters with nine exclusive ones.

Alternate NamesEdit

  • Crazy Bones "Things" (US)
  • Crazy Bones Series II (US)
  • Crazy Bones Serie(s) 3 / Third Series (Canada) (Included new characters)
  • Hielocos Coca-Cola (Mexico)
  • Geloucos Coca-Cola (Brazil)
  • Gogo's Crazy Bones 2 (Australia, Germany)

Gallery Edit

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