New Generation
Orange New Gen


Crazy Bones


2005, 2006


South America, Europe, North America


Ghost, Monsters


Infrequent (North America) Common (Europe)

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Released in 2005. A new generation of Crazy Bones. With 120 new characters, 60 Monsters and 60 Ghosts. With 120 figures, this is the largest collection of Crazy Bones.

Includes Characters F1-F60 (Ghosts) and 1-60 (Monsters) Figures in this set are slightly larger than other Crazy Bones. They are about the same height as a mega bone, but not as wide. Some of the characters were new versions of older characters, for example, Killer Jaws is a new version of Jaws , and Super and Evil Eggy are new versions of Eggy. This was the final classic series in the US.



  • Ghosts in some countries, the series was known as "Ghost Gogo's Crazy Bones", and only included the sixty Ghosts in the set. However, Ghost was also released in Italy, this time with Buddies, Mutants and Ghosts combined into one set.
  • The number on their back is sometimes different to the checklist number because they were orignally part of seperate sets but combined into one.
  • Some of the figures in this series are characters from the Gogos (1996), Buddies and Mutants series, but ghostly forms. For example Sharkey from Buddies becomes Sharkey Ghost.
  • In Brazil in 2006 there was a betting game on the internet that put Buddies, Mutants and New Generation figures together in a soccer tournament.

Alternate Names

  • Fantasmas (Brazil)
  • Crazy Bones New Generation (UK)
  • Ghost (Europe)
  • Monsters (Europe)
  • Gogo's Crazy Bones New Generation (Europe)