• Now Olympics stickers
  • Coca Cola Hielocos figures with stickers
  • Coca Cola Hielocos figures with stickers
  • Coca Cola Hielocos figures with stickers
  • Crazy Bones keychain
  • Backs of Trading Cards (game)
  • C1000 Groovy stickers
  • Vintage Crazy Bones stickers
  • Vintage Crazy Bones manual
  • Trading Cards (game)
  • Trading Cards (game)
  • "Holographic" Series 1 Wanted stickers
  • Trading Cards packs (game)
  • Now Olympic series (Israel) stickers
  • Trading Cards (game)
  • Trading Card (game)
  • Magnets with display
  • Now Olympics series (Israel) stickers
  • Now Olympics series (Israel) stickers
  • Crazy Bones stickers
  • Series 4 Rein MW figure with holographic card
  • Series 1 MW "S" series stickers
  • Series 1 MW "S" series stickers (very rare)
  • Series 3 4-sticker card set, complete
  • Series 4 Starter Pack
  • Series 4 card back
  • Series 4 card back
  • Series 1 poster
  • Series 3 gift sticker sheets
  • Miro-K numbered validation certificates
  • (L to R) Q-Mack, yellow Miro-K, J-Box, and Mr. Peako validation certificates
  • Collector's Edition annual book with exclusive figures
  • #1 issue comic with Titan mini-tin and Series 5 figure
  • C1000 Voetbal Playmat (Foot series)
  • Groovy Series Collector's Bag - blue
  • Groovy Series Collector's Bag - pink
  • Tim's sticker

A hallmark of Gogo's Crazy Bones, and earlier Crazy Bones as well, are the stickers and cards. In Series 1, 2, 3, and 5, flow packs and others come with stickers. In Series 4, collector cards (which can be used in gaming) replaced stickers. In the first 3 series, 3 stickers are issued along with 3 Gogo's. In Series 1, rare stickers are issued for the Wanted and Most Wanted figures. Various identifying marks are incorporated on these particular stickers, e.g. black patterned background and a gold star on a black field on Most Wanted stickers, and a blue background with a white star on a blue field for the Wanted sticker. Wanted and Most Wanted stickers were avalible in a holographic form as well. Series 3 offered two different types: 3 regular, and sheets of 4. 2 Series 4 collector cards are included with 2 figures in regular flow packs, with two types available - those associated with the common figures (80), and 10 special foil cards for the Most Wanted figures in the series. These are rarities. Sets before 2007 came with 4 stickers displaying character artwork on a white sheet with no background.

Classic (red) Miro-K, J-Box, Q-Mack, super gogo, Mr. Peako, and yellow Miro-K were issued with ownership certificates in lieu of stickers; in the case of the classic Miro-K, each certificate bears the issue number, read as XXXX/5000, designating each as an individually numbered figure.

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