Sports (Football)


Gogo's Crazy Bones


Late 1990's


The US, Europe, South America




Hielocos Futeboleros, Toronto Blue Jays

Alternate Names

Crazy Bones Sports (Canada & USA), Crazy Bones Football (UK), Gogo's Crazy Bones Football (Europe), Hielocos Futboleros

Next Series


A Crazy Bones Series of 40 Soccer Themed Characters.

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Alternate Names Edit

  • Crazy Bones Sports (Canada & USA)
  • Crazy Bones Football (UK)
  • Gogo's Crazy Bones Football (Europe)
  • Hielocos Futboleros (Mexico) (It includes new characters.)


  • In England Soccer is called football so they were named 'Football Crazy Bones' in the United Kingdom.
  • In Mexico, a series known as 'Hielocos (Football)' were released which included some new exclusive characters.
  • Although they are called 'Sports', the characters are only soccer related.
  • There was also a Sports (Series 2).
  • Sports (Series 2) were also named 'Sports' in some countries, but they are different series.
  • There was a new series called Futebol in Brazil.
  • When this series was first released in the United States, they were exclusive only to  Zany Brainy stores.

Gallery Edit

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