Skinny Bombers


Gogo's Crazy Bones




United States, Portugal, Canada, United Kingdom, France



Skinny Bombers also known as Power Bombers were bigger Crazy Bones. There is 14 characters in the European version and 8 in the Portugal and USA version. The characters are suppose to be some of the Gogos (Original) who've grown up into adults.

In the United Kingdom 2 figures could be purchased inside a plastic coffin and they were named 'Mega Crazy Bones'.

"Crazy Bones Mega Bone Skinny Bombers! 14 characters based on some of the Original GoGo's Crazy Bones - but these guys have grown up! They are bigger than regular Crazy Bones, but with a flatter "skinny" look. Why do we call them bombers? When you use these new Mega Bones Bombers to play Airbone - they usually win!"

Checklist Edit

Alternate Names Edit

  • Mega Crazy Bones (UK)
  • Bombarders (France)
  • Power Bombers (Canada)
  • Porta Gogo's (Coca-Cola, Portugal)

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