Mr Peako


Gogo's Crazy Bones


Promotional (Promoted as Evolution, packaged as Series 1)


10 (Horo), 81 (Evolution), 4 (Promotions)



Alternate Names


Mr. Peako is a super rare Gogo. Only a few of these were ever made, even less than the Holy Grail of North American Gogo's collecting, Miro-K. He could only be obtained by winning contests on the Crazy Bones website and Facebook page.

As Miro-K is intended to be an ultra-rare representative of Series 1, Mr. Peako is the ultra rare Gogo made for Series 2 Evolution (though strangely, he is packaged in a Series 1 single pack) as marked on his card, which has a place for numbering (the same as classic Miro-K), but is left blank. He also uses the same sculpt as Horo, number 10 of Series 4 Power, along with his Most Wanted counterpart. Mr. Peako is also known as the principal Gogo. 


  • Personality: Mr. Peako is the Gogo's principal, all the Gogo's love him and everyone gets along when he's around. His loud voice and friendly demeanour make him a great leader for the Gogo's.
  • Ability: He is a top expert at sniffing out trouble and solving problems. He comes up with fun solutions that make everyone happy.
  • Favorite Game: Battle