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–Mosh from the Mega Metropolis series.

Mosh (known as Bugui in the Urban Toys series) is the 1st Gogo in Series 1. With his large smile and friendly appearance, Mosh is the most popular Gogo of the new series. Also he is seen as the mascot of the rebooted series appearing on many of the merchandise for Gogo's. 


Mosh has a white circle on his stomach, and has two small spherical horns coming out of his head. He is smiling hard. Mosh is a little bit taller in the superstar series, probably because of the felt.

Other Appearances

Mega Metropolis

Mosh is shown to be kind and friendly, going out of his way to help others. He is widely respected by the other Gogos. Mosh is shown to be friends with Angiru, and they both introduced the concept of the Mega Gogos to readers. Mosh has also introduced to the readers the Pods in the series, and he is prone to break the fourth wall several times in this series.

Gogo's Crazy Bones Comic

Mosh retains his friendly personality from the Mega Metropolis series. In the comic Hot and Cold Running Gogo's, he was shown to be very clumsy causing accidents whenever he tries to help.


Super Kind. All the Gogo's want to be friends with Mosh.

  • Ability: Magic Smile
  • Favourite Game: K.O.






Laser Mosh


Laser Mosh (from the Grannelle collection).

Following the release of the Explorer series in April 2009, British toy shop The Entertainer in Kingston upon Thames held a 'swap day', where every swapper received a special Laser Mosh. Only one has ever been seen online.


  • Mosh serves as the mascot of the modern series.
  • There were two different designs of Mosh throughout Series 1; one with thicker eyes and another with thinner eyes. The thinner eyes variant was introduced in later packs.
  • Mosh is the first Gogo to be introduced in the modern series.
  • There was going to be a Mini Red Mosh for the Mega Metropolis series, but it never got released. It is assumed to be a prototype for Mini Gogos.
  • Mosh is the most famous Gogo in the modern series, and he has been made in many forms including an evolution form, a Mega Metropolis form, a Superstar version, and a Gold Collector's Tin variant.
    • He is also the only Gogo to be featured first in various series more than twice.
    • He could be seen as a parallel to Eggy, who is the most famous Gogo in the classic era.


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