Monica's Gang


Gogo's Crazy Bones






Infrequent (Brazil), Rare (The Rest Of The World)

Alternate Names

Turma Da Monica

Next Series

Gogo's Futebol

The Monica's Gang series is a special licensed collection of Gogo's that were released in September 2011. There are 60 characters to collect based on the Monica's Gang comics by Mauricio De Sousa. It is only available for retail sale in Brazil, though figures can be purchased on the secondary market, e.g. eBay and related eCommerce sites. 

Checklist Edit

Alternate Names Edit

  • Turma Da Monica - Gogo's Crazy Bones

Trivia Edit

  • This Series was available for about 2 & ½ Years. That makes it the longest-lasting Gogo's Crazy Bones Series in Brazil. Most Series' last a Year, or less.

Gallery Edit

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