Gogo's Crazy Bones




South America, Asia, Europe (anywhere in Europe that doesn't get the US/UK sets)


Megatrip (Special Edition), Danone, Genios, Edge, Sutas Tatilmmm


Infrequent (C1000 and Edge), Uncommon (South America and Asia), Scarce (Danone and Sutas Tatilmmm)

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Megatrip is a series that was released in August 2009, and like many of the modern series there are a total of 80 characters to collect. The series was the second for countries that didn't receive Evolution.



Megatrip Album with Mega Jimbo.

Types of Gogo's

  • Common - Like the Crazy Bones before 2008, these figures are not painted, and all detail is sculpted.
  • Multicolor - Gogo's that are painted like all other Gogo's after 2008. Unlike other sets, Multicolor have more detail, and are harder to find.
  • Metallic - Gogo's that are metal, similar to the Gold Gogo's or Power Gogo's. These are only available in Colombia and Asia.
  • Metal - Not Chrome, but has a Metal Finish. These are only available in Brazil and a few other countries.
  • Glitter - Clear with Glitter inside. In Colombia and Europe, these are available in different colors, such as pink. In The Philippines, these are painted.
  • Glow - Gogo's that Glow in the Dark. These are available in a Ghost Green and Peach.
  • Mega - Also known as "Macro," were released in promotion with Giraffas. Some variants of the album included a mega figure.
  • Mega (Special Edition) - Were available at Carrefour. These Mega figures are only a tad bigger than a normal Gogo.


Standard Release

The standard release refers to the Panini release. This release included all 80 characters in their original variants.

Dino Gogo's

Released in 2008, this series saw the first release of Megatrip, under a promotion with Danone. Alongside the Dino figures, were variants characters 60-80, made exclusively for this series. The printed "D" is what sets these apart from the normal figures.

"Special Edition"

Released in the late 2000's to early 2010's, this series was released in three different supermarkets across Europe. In the Netherlands, these were released under C1000 in 2009. In the early 2010's, Carrefour released these figures in Belgium and France, respectively. Supermarket, Real, ran a promotion in Poland. Each store had an exclusive gold figure. C1000 had a golden Tsu, Carrefour had a golden Tau, and Real had a golden Ayu. This series is called "special edition," for being a simplified version of the series that was only released via supermarkets promos. Only the first 40 figures were released in this series. Additonally, some figures, such a Juruk, recieved a simplified version of their regular variant.

Kalise Nuclos Cases

The Nuclos Tins, released in promotion with Kalise, included the only European release of characters 40-60.


In early 2012, Megatrip was released in the UK under the name, Gogo's Crazy Bones Edge. Unlike Megatrip, only 60 characters are available and some characters have been altered. The characters are all painted (with the exception of Attuk). The weird thing is, Magic Box Int. uses numbers from the original checklist, and uses them for the Edge Series' Stamps. The problem is that this confuses fans, because there is no #41-60. (They are numbered correctly on the checklist for the Edge Series.)

Sütaş Taltlimmm

In a similar promotion to the Danone series, this release of Megatrip saw variants of characters 60-80, made exclusively for this series. The printed "S" is what sets these apart from the normal figures.