Monster Bones
Monster bones


Gogo's Crazy Bones




North America, Canada, South Africa



This special collection of 24 Characters was only available in McDonalds Happy Meals.

Each Monster Bone is about 2 inches high and comes in a wide variety of colors and treatments. There were 24 Monster Crazy Bones, 12 Original series characters & 12 Special Halloween themed characters. There were 12 sets of characters, one Original series and one of the Halloween themed characters, and a collector card in each pack. A poster was also available from Rite Aid Pharmacy which required a coupon (included on the Happy Meal container box) to be redeemed. In 2010, these were available on the Crazy Bones shop for a limited time.

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  • The reason they were made larger than regular Crazy Bones is because they could be a choking hazard for very small children.

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  • Monster Bones
  • Monstre Crazy Bones
  • Monstruo Crazy Bones