Modern day plastic knuckle 'bones'

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Some Knucklebones

Knucklebones is the game that had inspired the Crazy Bones franchise. It is a game that originated in the ancient Greek and Roman empires, played with usually five small objects. Originally, the game used the "knucklebones" (actually the astragalus:a bone in the ankle, or hock[1]) of a sheep, which are thrown up and caught in various ways. 
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Games played with Knucklebones 

  • Over hand ones, twos, threes, fours—First "jockey" then eliminate all you have caught except one. Throw this one up and whilst it is in the air quickly pick one (two, three, or four) up off the ground, and then catch the one you threw up. Repeat with remaining knucklebones. You are able to sweep the knucklebones prior to picking them up.
  • Scatter ones, twos, threes, fours—Scatter all five, select and pick up one, throw it up and without "sweeping" proceed as above.
  • Dumps—Hold five knucklebones in the palm, then dump them in a heap on the ground. Select one which you must take away without disturbing any others. Throw this one up, pick up other four, and catch the first one.
  • Overhand scatter ones, twos, threes, fours—First "jockey" then proceed to scatter remaining knucklebones.
  • Clicks—First "jockey" then proceeded as with over hand ones. When catching the one you threw up the knucklebones must click.
  • No click—Same as above but knucklebones must not click
  • Through the arch—As above, but only make one arch with the thumb and forefinger, and allow only one 'sweep' to get each jack through.
  • Over the jump—As above except you put your hand vertically on its edge instead of on the ground so it makes it harder.
  • Thread the needle—Same as above except the jacks have to be dropped through a circle made by the thumb and forefinger that is held about 8 inches from the ground. Once all have gone through—pick them up.
  • Eggs in the basket—Same as above except the your hand is cupped palm up to form the basket, the Knucklebones have to be placed in the "basket" without clicking, as this will break the eggs
  • Catching flies—As 'scatter ones' but the catch must be done with a quick snatching downward movement making it much harder than the ordinary system of catching with palms upwards.

Other challenges include:

  • Down the chute
  • In the cave
  • Playing golf
  • This is the house that Knucklebone built—The house that knucklebone built is when you separate your knuckle bones into a square form. Then you go around the square with your finger saying this is the house that knucklebone built then you throw it up in the air catch it and put it in the middle. but if you land in an empty space, your turn is over.
  • Cut the cabbage—The same as "catching flies" except instead of a downward swipe, a horizontal swipe is performed when catching the knucklebone—as if a whole cabbage is in front of the player and is being sliced through the middle.
  • Flush the Toilet—Like "Big Jingles" except you must hit the ground twice (flush the toilet) each time you throw the knucklebones up.

Modern Knucklebones

Now Knucklebones are known as Crazy Bones (or Gogos Crazy Bones), and are now sculpted into characters, and are made in various colors. There are two areas of Crazy Bones. The first one is the Crazy Bones series, also known as the classics. These Series were never painted, except for the Aliens series. These were sculpted into characters. This area lasted from 1996-2006. Then in 2007 and/or 2008, a new area started, these were called Gogos Crazy Bones, mostly known as Gogos. Most of these were sculpted like people, but some were different with a more humanoid form. The newer ones were all painted, except in some countries, they are not painted as much.

Crazy Bones History

"More than 2000 years ago... NO it's not a mistake. More than 2000 years ago the boys and girls of the ancient Greek and Roman empires played a game using bones, throwing and bouncing them in village squares and in their own homes. We know this because some ancient paintings on marble were discovered in the city of Resina, which date back more than 2000 years, these paintings showed children playing this game. This ancient pastime known as "Tabas" has been kept alive throughout the years and now you are about to discover how much fun it can be. Here's your chance to trade, collect, play, and go crazy for Crazy Bones." - Crazy Bones handbook.