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Alternate Names

Jojo's, Puppazzini, Pride

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Jojo's Bouncin' Boneheads is an unofficial series of Gogo's made by Imperial Toys. Notice the extremely similar names between the two products. There were 36 characters, there was a JoJo's Bouncin Boneheads Series 2 with new shiny figures added making it 48 characters in the set. A Mysterious JoJo's Bouncin' Boneheads Series has also emerged with an unknown amount of new characters.

Unlike Crazy Bones, Bouncin' Boneheads were packaged so that largely, what was contained within each packet was on display in plastic bubbles. The packaging had several different changes made to it throughout the production period of Bouncin' Boneheads, and some of these variations are listed below.

A card with 7 individual bubbles, with all 9 Boneheads on display. Frequently, these packets would have purple stickers placed over text on the card, which read 'includes stickers' presumably as these stickers were not largely produced, though some do exist.

Another packaging variation had two or more boneheads hidden by a card placed inside the plastic bubble.

A third packaging variant included the typical backing card and some bubbles, but also included a 'Caddy' in which to store the Boneheads. This also contained some 'hidden' bones and is rare. Later on, new characters were added, and the checklists were updated. These characters were packaged in either one of the variant packages described above.



  • Goof: Stinky and Brutus names are mixed up on some checklists. Brutus is actually the name of the one with horns.
  • In Halloween 1999, they made Special Edition Ghostly Blister Packs. It is unknown what is different with these figures to the ones you get in normal packs.
  • Series 2 were sold in special boxes along with Series 1.
  • There is a figure that can be found in the box that does not appear on the checklist.
  • There is special limited edition shiny and painted face figures.
  • Some packets of Dracco Heads were titled "JoJo's".
  • Goof: Another series from France called The Barjo's had Buster from this series on the packaging, but the figures were all new.

Alternate Names

  • Puppazzini
  • Jojo's
  • Pride Jojo's


  • Caddy, Popper, Deck
  • Jax 'N Ball
  • Tub
  • Necklace
  • Music CD
  • Shirt
  • Caddy - a tub that you attatch to your belt and carry the figures inside.
  • Tub - a bigger tub to keep the figures inside.
  • Bounce Deck - a plastic pad used to bounce the figures onto.
  • Jax' N Ball - a rubber bouncing ball used to play jacks style games.

Limited Edition JoJo's

  • Limited Edition Figures
  • Limited Edition shiny metallic Jojos.
  • Limited Edition painted faced Jojos.
  • Painted Face Jojo's. (From The Gir Collection.)

Jojo's Bouncin Boneheads released limited edition shiny metallic and painted face Jojos. Unlike Crazy Bones, these were not randomly put in regular packs, instead were sold in special packs guaranteeing you got them.



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