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Grolls and Gorks (also known as Dracco Heads 2) is a sequel series to the original Dracco Heads and is the progenitor of the Chaotic franchise. The number of characters is currently unknown, since there is barely any info available.



In a galaxy far, far away into the interior of the universe, a crew of strange creatures on the way to their home, were flying their spacecraft when they were suddenly hit by a meteor, creating a traffic jam, and the most precious thing from the space ship vanished... The Dracco Stone!

Without the magical power of this stone their spacecraft could not work properly. For this reason, the beings quickly began to fall towards the nearest planet. Without the Dracco Stone the crew would fail to reach their home... It was a dangerous landing!

Not knowing that they lost their precious cargo, the crew of strange creatures began to leave the spacecraft when they became greatly surprised as to what went wrong. The captain of the crew suddenly saw a large hole in the bottom of their space ship. All of them immediately knew what the problem was... The Dracco Stone disappeared!!!

"We must find it immediately!" Part of the crew agreed. "Uhhhh, I think we should just go into the forest and play?" the others said. "Grrrr... We'll see how beautiful the forests are and how green they are... he, he, he." said the others. "Grrr... You're crazy! We must find the Stone now. We can't go into the forest and play!" "Let's go search the cave." Said part of the crew. "No, we go searching the forest first." Said the other part of the group. "Grrrrr."

The debate had developed in the scuffle and the scuffle developed in a war. "In the woods!" "In the cave!" "No, in the forest!" "No, in a cave!", they continued. After several days of intensive fighting the crew separated into two groups and each group went their way to seek the Dracco stone.

The war between the two groups, was named "The Battle of Titans". Gorkovi are looking for the Dracco Stone in the caves and holes of the Underworld, while the Grollovi sought out for the stone in the big woods of the Overworld. Thus began the great quest for... The Dracco Stone!!!

More info

There are two clans, Grollovi, and Gorkovi.

  • Grollovi leader (Good) - DumDum
  • Gorkovi leader (Evil) - Gork

Alternate Names

  • Dracco Heads 2


  • These were not re-released by Dracco, unlike the original Dracco Heads.
  • The "Dracco Stone", the rarest item in this series, was named after Dracco, the company that created Dracco Heads. It was also designed after Dracco's logo.
  • The war storyline in Grolls and Gorks is somewhat similar to the storyline of Toonz.
  • At one point, there was a promotion for Dracco Heads 2 with Croatia-based ice cream producer Ledo.