Gooies (Colors)


All Classic series and the newer series on very rare occasions




Unusual/Rare, but not valuable

Melted differently into a unique bone shape, these bones are valued with the same appreciation as their perfectly shaped compadres.

Gooies are extremely deformed Crazy Bones. These are very hard to get, and are avalible in every series from GoGo's to New Generation. Gooies are rare because they are actually a factory fault making the figure mutated and not made this way intentionally.

Gooies are extremely rare in the new series of Crazy Bones since they are all hand painted and go through many quality inspections before they are finally sold, but in the 90's this wasn't the case and figures would be rushed out to stores. Gooies in the new series can just be a matter of being painted on the wrong part of the figure, or forgotten to be painted atall when they were meant to be.

Although it's an unusual occurance to find one of these in a pack, this doesn't make them more valuble than others, unless there is collector's of oddities.