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I decided to make a fanime of Gogos Crazy Bones,but I won`t do it till next year,I made a few episodes,but some of them are a load of crap...sorry


Once Upon a Gogo,The Earth revolved around the sun for an earth year,little did they know,Magic did exist,they have a small moon (this is not true) called Celadon,where Gogos live,but one day,a Gogo named Kazamu wanted more power than any gogo in Celadon,his sister,Waverly (a pun on Bakugan`s Wavern) try to talk him out of the wacky idea,but he flew to it,and got sucked into the Siren Core,and then Waverly used another core of harmony,the Luminous Core,but since Kazamu had the power of all,7 realms in Celadon

  1. Elite
  2. Kimochi
  3. Hinamori
  4. Yamabuki
  5. KikoKiko
  6. Sakima
  7. Larking

Waverly sent the gogos that live on Celadon in all of those 7 realms to humans who were most likely to protect them and who had the same character as them

Episodes (Season 1)Edit

  1. The Battles Begin-Kazamu takes power from the Siren Core and gets sucked into it,Waverly uses the Luminous Core to give the gogos a home so they don`t get hurt by Kazamu,Waverly then leaves Celadon,to go look for someone to protect her
  2. Save Lina,A Battle in the Ballet-Waverly goes to Earth,and meets a lonely girl named Jasmine,all she wants is a best friend,Waverly becomes Jasmine`s friend,Jasmine then meets a girl named Lina and her gogo,Mosh,Waverly and Mosh become friend`s,Jasmine and Lina do too,Lina lets Jasmine,Mosh,and Waverly come to her ballet practice,Mosh is put in a Gogo Pouch,Meanwhile While in The Siren Core,Kazamu notices a boy named Tsubasa Akasa,and his sisters,Tsukasa Akasa,and Kagami Akasa,Kazamu tells Tsubasa about Gogos,and Tsubasa gains the ability,to turn gogos into Nega-Bones,In Ballet Class,Lina sprains her ankle,and she becomes Unhappy,Mosh turns into a Nega-Bone,and Waverly putrifies Nega-Mosh
  3. Ikuto`s Gogo,Nasako-Jasmine meets a boy named Ikuto after bumping into him at a department store,Waverly meets his gogo,Nasako,who has a double fast hook,and is rivals with Sato,Tsubasa spies on Ikuto,and plans to scam him into using his new power on him,Ikuto goes to karate class,and Jasmine comes to see hoe he`s doing,but he fails a move,and doesen`t earn his black belt and gets a gold belt instead,His Rival,Gonard,gets a black belt and shows off in front of Ikuto,Tsubasa lures Ikuto into an alley,and then tells him to show Tsubasa his gogo,Nasako turns into a Nega-Bone,and Waverly attempts to putrifiy Nega-Nasako
  4. Sato the Brawny Puncher-Jasmine meets Kiruko,a boy who is a master boxer,Waverly meets Sato,who is rivals with Nasako,Tsubasa turns Sato into Nega-Sato after Kiruko loses a fight with a nerdy kid
  5. Eh? Tori and Hiroko-chan-Jasmine meets the silent,a only-speaking-minded,Hiroko Tusunako,and her loud gogo,Tori,but Hiroko loses her faith in love and Tori becomes Nega-Tori
  6. Dream`s lie in Helly-Jasmine is ran into by a cute boy named Dash and his gogo Helly,Helly becomes Nega-Helly after Dash trips in a race
  7. Skull and Tadato-kun,Best Friends Forever-Jasmine is spooked out by a boy named Tadato and his gogo Skull,but then Tadato loses his scare after getting detention,Skull turns into Nega-Skull
  8. Angiru at risk,Justice lies in Waverly-when a gogo named Angiru is turned into Nega-Angiru,Waverly shows her real power
  9. Umu the Sacronized Swimmer,Mermaido-chan!-Jasmine meets Mermaido,A Young Girl who loves to swim,but when she fractures her left leg,and must get surgery,her Gogo,Umu turns into a Nega-Umu
  10. Aiko and Aliyah,A perfect match in Celadon-a gogo named Aiko turns into a Nega-Gogo after his owner,Aliyah feels unhappy about her cooking
  11. Ichiro and Shiron-Jasmine bumps into her cousin,Shiron,who has a gogo named Ichiro who can hypnotize,Ichiro turns into a nega-Ichiro after Shiron feels like her hypno powers are lame
  12. Mr.Tadashitaro in trouble?!-Mr.Tadashitaro,the sewers man,and his gogo,Nuclos,are best friends,until Nuclos becomes Negative after Tadashitaro quits his job
  13. Blind but Bold-A Young Boy named Ben and his gogo,Boy are world champions in races,Ben gives up on his dream for racing,and Boy turns into a Nega-Bone
  14. The Fire King-Fireman Bruno and his gogo,Neko work together in fighting fires,but when Bruno goes on strike,Neko turns negative
  15. Hazard,the Courage of a million seventy men-a Brave Girl named Kirara and her gogo Hazard get in big trouble after Hazard becomes negative
  16. Happy Rays are here again-A Girl named Luna forgets how to laugh,her gogo,Sun,teaches her how to smile
  17. The Thinker-Neko`s friend,Hiro,is a master thinker,he turns into a Nega-Bone after his Owner,Aura Yin,spends time reading instead of thinking
  18. This is no shark!-Aka and his owner,Cecil,are not friends,they are rivals,Aka turns into a Nega-Bone because of their non-friendship
  19. Molly + Kimiko = Double Anger-Kimiko and her gogo Molly are easly angered,Molly turns into a Nega-Bone,can Jasmine stop Molly before Kimiko becomes mad forever?
  20. The Stare Master
  21. Simi Smiler
  22. Computer Codi
  23. Arghhhh!
  24. This Gogo is not from Celadon
  25. Temp Temprature
  26. Pibi and J
  27. Darely Handsome
  28. Danko,A Maiden`s Knight in Furry Armor
  29. The Smart Toy,MC Toy
  30. Gaiji and Shun.
  31. Lessi and Leslie.
  32. Pop goes the Pop!
  33. Imon it! (pun of I`m On It!)-
  34. Jelly and Jelly Alike
  35. Smiling Sumon
  36. Cho the new Sonic!
  37. Raysun`s Sunshine!
  38. Boom Boom Fist!
  39. Zar-Zar`s Adventure
  40. Hayato and Mystress