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Gogo's Crazy Bones is a video game for the Nintendo DS that is based on the figures of the same name. The game is published by Gamemill Entertainment and produced by Black Lantern Studios.


There are 30 Gogos to play as. (Most of them play exactly the same) The gameplay plays very similar to that of an Angry Birds game.

There are three types of games; Battle, where you must knock over the enemy Gogos (Some of which are protected by wooden fortresses, similar to pigs from Angry Birds) Basket, where you fling a Gogo into one of three baskets, and K.O., where you knock Gogos out of the area they are in.


  • Tremi is red in this game. He only comes in red in Urban Toys.
  • Tut is green in this game. You cannot get him in that color.


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