Gogo's Crazy Bones


Gogo's (1996)




Any Color, some being Gold (MB Only), Silver (Precious Metals)



Alternate Names

Bebê Louco, Eggie, Gogo Kinder, Ovotoy, Coco

Next Gogo


"I'm the main man of the Crazy Bones clan."

Eggy is 3rd character in the original Gogo's series. He is one the most popular Gogo's of all time. There were many versions on Eggy made from 1996 to 2007.


  • Sticker
  • Two silver precious metal eggys (Eggy was never made in gold precious metal)
  • Precious Metal Eggy
  • A thin eggy next to a regular eggy
  • Bebê Louco (Brazil)
  • GoGo Kinder (Mexico)
  • Trading Card
  • Eggy's appearance in the Crazy Bones Hunt game
  • 3D Eggys
  • Coca-Cola Eggy
  • A collection of Eggy's (credit: Shaauub)
  • A collection of Eggys (credit: Mntwins025)
  • Eggy costume at a 1999 official Crazy Bones promotional event

He looks like an animal egg with legs and sad eyes. He could be a living egg creature, or he could be an animal that is trying to hatch out of an egg.

Eggy in other series:

Alternate Names

  • Coco (France / Canada)
  • Ovotoy (Brazil)
  • Bebê Louco (Brazil)
  • Gogo Kinder
  • Eggie

Eggy Merchandise

  • Mutant Eggy Case
  • Eggy Magnet
  • Eggy Container
  • Eggy Buddy Zipper
  • Eggy Handheld Game
  • Eggy Singing Plush
  • Eggy Keychain
  • Crazy Bones Electronic Handheld Game
  • Finger Skateboard

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