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Edge is a variant of the Megatrip series that was released in the UK early 2012. In this series, the Gogo's go back to basic with no translucent, laser, metallic, or fuzzy Gogos. This time however, the are only 60 characters instead of 80, (unlike the past 5 series) and there are no cards or stickers. The characters are extremely similar to their Megatrip counterparts, the only difference is the color schemes of the Gogo's, and in some cases, certain Gogo's have had their mold slightly tweaked, such as Juruk.

Each pack includes three Gogo's and a checklist.



  • Magic Box goofed off and left the Gogos in this series with their PPI Worldwide stamp instead of giving them a Magic Box stamp. Therefore, and also since Megatrip characters number 41-60 are not present in Edge, if you counted the characters by their stamps, you would find that there are no Gogos with the numbers 41-60.
  • The packs are displayed portrait whilst previous packs were landscape.

Changes from Megatrip

  • Three characters got renamed: Go! is now "Turo", Tsu is now "Suti" and K-Cul is now "K-Cu".
  • K-Cul also has a different colored body with a zig-zag on it.
  • 20 of the characters from Megatrip, specifically Otto, Kael, Gunol, Jazzar, Weyr, Kayun, Kin Chai, Akiro!, Flo, Soul, Jin, Keyboy, Gochan, Aky, Akory, Sunos, Toshi, Prime, Oblon and Sepora, are missing from Edge.
  • Karin and Blem's faces got recolored.
  • The series only features the multicolored versions of the Megatrip figures. The unpainted, glitter, metal/metallic and glow-in-the-dark versions of the Gogos are not present.
  • Gus's face has been swapped with a Groovy Gogo character's face.
  • Plank's mouth color is changed from yellow to blue.
  • Blotan uses his alternate appearance, which is the number 7 instead of a caveman-like face for his face.
  • Juruk has an S on his belly, but it is painted onto him rather than part of his mold.
  • The Megatrip Gogo's that were numbered 61-80 are renumbered 41-60 in the checklist, but they retain their original numbers on their stamps. This is due to the stamp error and 20 Megatrip characters being missing from Edge. (e.g. Hey was number 61 in Megatrip. In the checklist, he is number 41. However, he retains his original PPI Worldwide stamp, so the number on his stamp is still 61.)
  • The characters can be found in different colors than Megatrip (e.g. numbers 1-20 have a brown color and a yellow color that they never came in before).

This list of changes from Megatrip is incomplete. If you know of a change from the Megatrip series, put it here.


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