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Dracco Heads are a series of collectible figures made by Dracco, the same company that would later make Toonz. There are 40 characters. In each pack, you get four Dracco Heads, four stickers, and a checklist.

Checklist Edit


The figurines are fairly easy to confuse with the earlier sets of Crazy Bones from the 1990s, due to their similar appearances. Dracco (#1), is the rarest character. They can come in many colors and there are also "limited edition" versions with hand painted faces. There are also rare Silver and Gold figures.


Sticker sheets had two stickers of any two of the 40 characters. The stickers are a little bit larger than the GoGo's stickers.


  • Holes
  • Shooter
  • Ramp
  • Catapult
  • Trampoline
  • Net
  • Carry Case
  • Hole
  • Goal
  • Wheel of Fortune
  • Bag
  • Music CD

There were many playsets and accessories made for the toyline. These were...

  • Shooter - A plastic cutout of Dracco which players would flick the figures through, and into a goal cup.
  • Catapult - A catapult for launching figures.
  • Trampoline - A trampoline that players can bounce their figures on.
  • Net - A little butterfly net to catch the figures in.
  • An Arena to store your Dracco Heads. This looked similar to a sports arena. You could also use the accessories in this set.
  • Ramp - Flicking the figures makes them go up the ramp. This can be combined with the net or the trampoline.
  • Wheel of Fortune - Used to determine the amount of points a player earns.
  • Goal - A small soccer goal accessory.
  • Bag - A bag to carry your figures in.
  • Dracco Heads Hits CD - Promotional music CD


Alternate Names Edit

  • Jojo's (Not to be confused with Jojo's Bouncin Boneheads) - This version had all the characters come in 3 different paint-jobs, colors which were not available in the regular Dracco Heads series. For example Dracco had a green tongue not red in this series.
  • Pupákok - These versions were sold with Master Crok snack products in Hungary.

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Guatemalan TV ad for Dracco Heads by Eurobodegas.

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Czech TV ad for Dracco Heads by Epee.

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