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2009 daily mirror gogo s crazy bones by nekokittyguy1236-d7gt4p9


Gogo's Crazy Bones




United Kingdom


Green, Blue



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In the United Kingdom, 2 exclusive characters were given away free with The Daily Mirror Newspaper; Daily Mirror Alien and Daily Mirror Dinosaur. The give away lasted 5 days from Saturday to Wednesday and each gogo was available in 2 different colours.(Green and Blue). To obtain them, there was a voucher inside of the newspaper each day, and that voucher had to be used in either WHSmiths stores or Toys R Us stores on the day the voucher was released. Because of this, the characters were hard to get due to a lack of time to collect them.

The Giveaway

On Saturday, the Daily Mirror gave away the Daily Mirror Dinosaur, On Sunday the Daily Mirror Alien, On Monday and Tuesday they gave away a random Explorer Gogo with a random sticker and on wednesday they gave a Explorer Sticker Album for free.



  • The Daily Mirror Dinosaur uses Haro's sculpt from the Advanced series. The only differences between the two are Haro has arms but the Daily Mirror Dinosaur doesn't, the face area for Haro was used for the Daily Dino's mouth and teeth. The top scales on top of the daily dino's head is slightly different from Haros top scales.
    Funky Fighter's Daily Mirror Gogo's
  • For the Panasonic Gogo's, the Daily Mirror Alien and Dinosaur's sculpts were reused and repainted.