Gogo's Crazy Bones - Cool Gogo's - Israel

Gogo's Crazy Bones - Cool Gogo's - Israel

Cool Gogo's Commercial

Cool-groovy set

Cool/Groovy Gogo's (from the Grannelle collection).

Released in 2011.

Cool/Groovy is an Israel, Philippines and Chile exclusive series. There are 80 different characters. (60 in Holland.) The characters are music themed. Some of the characters in Israel are missing in the Holland Series because Israel had more 20 other Gogos that are not in The Holland Series.

Israel Checklist 1-60


First 40 characters (Israel Checklist)


  • 3 Pack
  • Bag Pack
  • Bronze Collector Tin containing 10 metallic Cool Gogo's
  • C1000 Collector Case containing 60 Groovy Gogo's


The Cool Gogo's have been promoted in stores and supermarkets, and on products all over Israel.

The Gogo's have recently been promoted at C1000 stores in Europe. There was also a song called "Lets Go" by the Breakz to go along with the promotion. C1000 has also created a stop motion app to make your own Groovy Gogo's music videos.


Gir1236's Cool Gogos From Israel

Cool-Groov ex

Cool/Groovy Gogo's (from the Grannelle collection).


  • In the Philippines, numbers 1-40 were released first in orange packs. Numbers 41-80 were released later in blue packs labeled "Series 2".

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