Mystery Gogo's

These Gogo's are very strange, as they have never been seen before, other than Ebay. A lot of these tend to be knock offs. Please help us if you know any information.

Some we know the names of, but not what series they are from.

Some we know what series they are from but not their names.

Some we don't know anything about at all!


  • Dunkin Shockys - Knock Offs similar to "Dracco Heads" from Poland. Found on a Polish auction website.
  • Cartoon Network Hielocos 
  • Zany and Brainy: Found on eBay. Former US distributer, Toy Craze, states that these were given away at Zany Brainy stores.
  • Danone Dino Gogo's, found on a Spanish Shopping Website.

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