"It's in the vault."

Angiru is the 8th Gogo in Series 1.

He is one of the five most wanted Gogo's. He is known as Aneg in Urban Toys. Angiru is also in the Superstar series. Angiru is also in the Fusion Series as a Mega Gogo.


Angiru has two gray buttons for his eyes, he also has an yellow 'A' symbol for his stomach.Looks a little like sackboy from little big planet.


Tell Angiru your secrets and they will be safe forever.

Ability: Keeps Secrets/ Boost in DS game

Favourite Game: Basket


Speed: 2/ 1

Bounce: 3

Balance: 1/ 2

Colors (Additional)Edit

  • White (UNRELEASED)
  • Violet (Superstar)
  • Light Green (UT Only)


  • There was going to be a white Angiru, but was scrapped. It can only be seen on some Series 1 packs.
  • He oddly resembles Sackboy from the LittleBigPlanet series made by Sony.
  • He is the first Gogo in the checklist to have a wanted form.


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