Crazy Bones Aliens


Gogo's Crazy Bones






Alternate Names

Série Gelo-Cosmicos, Hielocos Aliens, Monstruos

60 Alien Characters to find and collect. There is a set of different martians based on historical figures, each one has glow in the dark eyes! There is also some ugly space monsters with hand painted features. Each pack contains 3 figures. 



  • When these were released in Europe not all of them were given painted faces.
  • In Mexico Aliens were released as 'Hielocos Aliens' and 'Monstruos'. They were exactly the same as the American versions, but with Coca-Cola stamped on the back.
  • In Brazil they were released as 'Série Gelo-Cósmicos'.
  • The aliens eyes glow in the dark.
  • When these were first released there was a rare chance of finding an Alien figure in a pack of Things
  • They were only available in shiny gold in Australia in association with the Sunblest cereal offers.

Alternate Names

  • Crazy Bones Aliens (Canada, USA & UK)
  • Gogo's Crazy Bones Aliens (Europe)
  • Série Gelo-Cósmicos (Brazil)
  • Hielocos Alien (Mexico)
  • Monstruos (Mexico)


Coca Cola CB2

The Coca-Cola Crazy Bones promotional series from Mexico.

A Coca-Cola Hielocos series from Mexico, called Monsters, part of the larger Aliens collection; these were promotionals from the late '90's. They were redeemed for Coca-Cola bottle tops. Shown here are 20 figures from the series. Notice that the stamp on the back says Coca-Cola instead of Magic Box Int.